List of places to see

  1. Amsterdam – Must visit city: Canal tour, Red light district, Dam Square, Madame Tussauds (wax museum), Anne Frank Museum
  2. Kukenhof tulip garden (open only in April/May) – Must visit: An overdose of variety of colorful flowers; you can also drive around the area to see tulip fields
  3. Maduradam – Must visit: Miniatures of major monuments in Netherlands
  4. Zaanse Schans – Must visit: Windmills along the bank of a canal, cheese factory, clog factory. Walk from the train station gives better views than drive
  5. Giethoorn (Venice of Netherlands) – very nice: go on a warm day, rent a motor boat
  6. Maastricht – very nice visit: walk around the city to see lots of old monuments (there are also some mine caves a little further from the city)
  7. Kinderdijk –> similar to Zaanse Schans, but unless you want to see it the heritage way with only windmills, Zaanse Schans is much better
  8. Rotterdam –> Very nice visit
  9. Volendam – cheese factory, a nearby Island –> Very nice visit
  10. Zeeland – Veere is a nice village; Renesse and Dombug are known for sand dunes and beach –> Good
  11. Eindhoven Karpendonske lake – time pass
  12. Cycling to the villages example – Eindhoven to Son en Brugel

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