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House renting has 4 different phases: searching, moving in, living, moving out.


Decide if you want a furnished house or an unfurnished house. A furnished house will have everything in the house (fridge, TV, washing m/c, sofa, dining table, cot and mattress, bathroom carpet etc) and you will most likely not have to buy anything. Unfurnished house will have just the walls, the fixtures, kitchen platform etc. You will have to do the furnishing yourself including flooring and painting. Furnishing yourself will cost you about € 3,000 in total assuming at least a few of your furnishing are ‘used’ (second hand). Rent for a furnished house is about € 250 to € 350 more expensive than unfurnished. The options to go about finding a house is:

  • to approach a private house rental agency (Rotsvast, Kempen etc). They will charge about 50% to 100% of 1 month’s rent as their commission depending on the length of your stay and negotiation skills.
  • contact the house owner directly. This is tough because you need to contact of the house owner.  But it is the most cost effective since you do not have to pay the commission
  • http://www.funda.nl/makelaars/ is good for searching unfurnished houses. They charge very nominal fees and there is no commission.
  • you can also register with a housing agency like VB&T for unfurnished homes. They have a nominal registration fee. They will show from their own set of houses.
  • http://www.actyswoenen.nl has a lot of good houses. You need to register to see the houses

Getting a good house is difficult here. So if you find one that suits you, book it immediately. Most 2 bedroom houses are only a 1.5 size meaning the second room can accommodate only single cot.

It is safe to move into a house that is already vacant. I believe by law, the owner is not allowed to force a tenant out. Hence if the tenant does not vacate on time, you will have to manage the situation. But this could lead to losses for yourself for rent, temporary stay etc.

‘Het Goed’ is a good shop for second hand goods like furniture, electrical items etc.

For people working in Amsterdam area, Almeer city is considered economical. Amstelveen is popular due to the huge Indian population in that city.

Legal tip: When renting directly from the owner, it is advisable to check if the person you are dealing with is really the owner. You can check this by paying € 3 at Kadaster. The procedure is below:-

1)Click www.kadaster.nl
2) Select Particulier
3)Select producten en diensten
4)Select Kadastraal Bericht Eigendom
5)Select nu kopen
6)Enter the postcode and house no of the apartment you wish to verify
7)Select Kadastraal bericht eigendom
8)Click Naar Winkelwegen and pay online
9) A PDF will open with all the details

Moving in: 

You are expected to leave the house exactly the way it was when you rented it…except normal wear and tear. Any existing damage in the house must be documented and signed before moving in. Hence house inspection together with the owner/agent is a very important activity before/just after moving in. If you notice some damage after moving in and you think it is not documented, immediately notify the agency/owner in phone and also in email and pictures. Keep the communication for your records.


The Dutch are one of the cleanest when it comes to their accommodation. They spend a lot of time in cleaning and keeping things spic and span. Especially because of the Indian cooking using oil, turmeric, masala etc leaving the house as clean as it was before renting demands extra effort. Some of the cleaning liquids found in the market are:

> Wall cleaning – Dasty
> Kitchen cleaning – Mr. Muscle
> Wooden floor cleaning – Andy houd and laminaat. Also, Blokker shop has a manual cleaning stick that makes convenient to clean floors.
> Window cleaning – Glassex
> Toilet cleaning – Harpic
> Drain clog removing – HG
> HG has a lot of products to remove moss etc. These products are available in Praxis or Gamma

Moving out: 

In most cases, irrespective of the date you give notice of your moving out, you need to pay rent till the end of the next month. Keys return date/time is considered as your vacating. Hence if you want to extend your stay a couple of days, it should be arranged with your owner/agency in advance. Most likely they will NOT oblige! I’m not sure if it is true, but I believe the owner is not legally allowed to ask you to leave until you leave and hence if you decide to extend your stay even at the last minute, you can do so. You are expected to leave the house exactly the way it was when you rented it…except normal wear and tear. This means a lot of cleaning towards the end.

** Information references and credits : http://indiansinnetherlands.com/