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  •  Primary language here is Dutch. But most people in Netherlands are able to speak English.
  •  Mid Oct thru early March is cold. Outside temperature will likely be in and around 0 degree centigrade. Carry a good woolen gloves,  woolen cap that covers even your ears, a good winter jacket and thermal wear.
  •  For April thru September, it is better to carry a good warm jacket anyway. It could be very warm or chilly at random. Google  “weather in <<your city>>” to know the current weather conditions. The forecast is fairly accurate for up to a week ahead.
  • Generally it’s mostly windy in The Netherlands.
  • Unless it is arranged for you, carry enough ready to eat food for at least 1 day. Not only that you will likely be tired and hungry, depending on the day/time you land, no shops might be open!
  • Unlike India, 95% of the shops (excluding restaurants) close by 5:00PM. On Sunday, except Centrum almost all shops will be closed. Even the few restaurants that open will close early. (One exception is Albert Heijn grocery store. They are open till 10:00PM Mon-Sat in most cities. Go to their website to find a store near your destination and open timings).
  • If you want to cook yourself, carry your pressure cooker (carry spare gasket and safety valve), mixer (mixers here do not scale up to Indian needs of grinding). You may want to carry home made ‘Masala’ powder. However MTR is available in Indian shops here.
  • The electric plug point shape is different from India. Carry a couple of European pin to Indian pin converters. It should cost within Rs100/- in India while it could cost upto €10 euros to buy it here.
  • Mobile is GSM based. So if your mobile is a standard brand (Nokia, Samsung etc) GSM phone, it will work here.
  • Carry needed medication. You will not get medicines unless you have a prescription from a Dutch doctor. Only exception is Paracetamol and other petty medicines. So carry needed medication sufficient for at least 2 months.
  • If you wear spectacles, carry a spare. It will be expensive here and takes them 2 weeks to deliver.
  • Most likely your visa will be “Knowledge Work Permit” (also called highly skilled migrant or Kennismigrant). If so, your spouse (dependent) can also work any job.
  • Carry your original driving licence . There is no need for IDP since Indian licence is in English. You are allowed to drive with India license for 6 months after your arrival.
  • If you have a small child, carry the vaccination and growth report/summary till date. While this is not mandatory, it will be handy in determining the remaining vaccinations for your child.
  • If you have a child and need English medium school, you need to find an ‘International school’ first and based on that decide your housing. There are not many international schools and so this check is important. Contact the school immediately (even before coming to Netherlands) to get advice on vacancy.
  • Most airlines allow 1 check-in baggage of 23 Kgs. A few allow 30 Kgs (Etihad, Emirates, Jet etc).
  • If you are migrating for employment, you are likely to be eligible for 30% ruling. This means first 30% of your gross is tax free. This is a significant financial advantage. Ask your employer for it. For more details click here. 
  • Open a NRE bank account when you are in India. Opening after coming here, is a long and painful process. Also get the internet banking userid/password so that you can make all transactions via NEFT on the internet and hassle free.
  • Consider giving “Power of Attorney” to someone close to you. Understand the risks before you do it.

** Information references and credits : http://indiansinnetherlands.com/